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APHL Launches Health Information Technology (HIT) Listserv

November 12, 2013

APHL is pleased to announce the creation of a Newborn Screening Health Information Technology (NBS HIT) listserv for Newborn Screening (NBS) stakeholders. The listserv will act as a forum for peer exchange of information, relevant to NBS HIT. We encourage you to post information and questions on topics such as electronic exchange of data policies and practice, information systems within the NBS system, quality improvement, education and training.

To join this listserv and start receiving messages, please send an email as described below:
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We ask that you remember that emails addressed to the listserv will be sent to every member. Please refrain from personal conversations and avoid emails that simply acknowledge receipt of a prior communiqué. In addition for security reasons do not discuss test results or reveal the source of a specimen.